Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinics “Yasniy Vzor”

Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinics “Yasniy Vzor” - the only one in Russia specialized system of pediatric ophthalmology clinic (children's eye hospital) that provides diagnostics and treatment of various eye diseases in children and adolescents of all ages from 0 to 18.

"Yasniy Vzor" is equipped with modern ophthalmological instruments, which allow the full range of computer and electrophysiological studies - from the definition of electrical lability and sensitivity of the optic nerve to the visual potentials of registration of the cerebral cortex.

We use highly effective methods of treatment of various eye diseases and pathologies, based on the latest developments of the leading research institutes in the country and abroad, as well as our own unique, patented therapeutic (BOK-1 - Binocular Optometric Complex) and surgical methods for the treatment and rehabilitation of children with different types of strabismus and nystagmus, hyperopia, astigmatism, amblyopia, diseases of the fundus and optic nerve, blocked tear duct, tear duct abnormalities, children cataracts and oncological problems in eye.

We do practice a unique and effective integrated approach in treatment of children with different types of strabismus and nystagmus in which surgical and conservative methods are applied as a single complex treatment where each method conservative and surgical exist.

A wide range of methods of conservative treatment in pediatric ophthalmology and specific operations on the eye muscles can fully rehabilitate 97% of patients with strabismus, and in children with nystagmus significantly reduce the amplitude of nystagmus and improve visual acuity.

Methods of surgical treatment of squint used in the Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinics “Yasniy Vzor” have been developed by professional associations, recognized by the Ministry of Health of Russia and the European Strabologicheskoy Association.

Advanced opticians and ophthalmologists

For the treatment of various eye conditions in children in the Clinical Association “Yasniy Vzor” also applied advanced world scientific developments in pediatric ophthalmology. This is possible thanks to the fact that the director and chief ophthalmologist of the Clinical Association "Yasniy Vzor" are full members of the European Community Pediatric Ophthalmology (EPOS) and the European Association of Strabology (ESA) (strabology - the science about strabismus).

A survey of newborn infants

Pediatric ophthalmology clinic “Yasniy Vzor” conducted verification of expert advice and infants: a survey of anterior segment of the eyeball, appendages of the eye, lacrimal patency assessment, examination of the fundus, which is a component of the constant and careful monitoring of young patients, performs treatment of eye diseases associated with lacrimal obstruction in infants.

In clinical association of children's eye clinics "Yasniy Vzor" has a team of highly qualified children ophthalmologists and optometrists in Moscow. They are distinguished by a love of children, in-depth knowledge of child psychology and the constant desire to improve their knowledge and skills in the field of pediatric ophthalmology.

The successes of collective association of children's ophthalmology clinic awarded diplomas of the Health of the State Parlament of the Federal Assembly of Russia - "Contribution to the promotion of healthy lifestyles," and the Russian Foundation for Consumer Protection - "Contribution to the formation of a civilized consumer market in Russia."

Leader and founder of the Association of Children's ophthalmology clinic “Yasniy Vzor” - Igor Aznauryan - MD, a member of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences.


Together with parents, we help children to see the world in all its diversity, and we give them joy - the joy of "Clear Vision" (“Yasniy Vzor”)!