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Remote treatment


The remote treatment courses are an opportunity to treat vision in children and adolescents without visiting a clinic.

The child can be anywhere: at home, in the village with its grandmother, in another country, this does not matter with the remote treatment.

The duration of treatment is individual and lasts over 10 days on average.


The cost of the remote treatment is lower than when making face-to-face visits to the clinic
You do not need to come to the clinic, you can be in any part of the world and undergo treatment
It significantly saves time for parents and children, there is no need to spend it on gathering and travel
The patient is daily under personal supervision during the remote treatment


The remote treatment may take place under the personal supervision of an ophthalmologist of your chosen category of the Yasny Vzor children's eye clinics


Consultation with a doctor - before starting treatment, the doctor will explain all the important points.
Regular diagnostics - on the 3rd, 6th, and 10th day of treatment, an online examination is performed.

Constant communication with the doctor, the doctor contacts the patient 4 times during the course of treatment: for consultation before starting treatment, to explain the results of the diagnosis, and to conduct a final consultation to determine further treatment.

Additional online consultations: if desired, the parent may contact the doctor additionally during the treatment.


  • Before starting the treatment, the patient should download the program to the Any Desk computer;
  • At the appointed time, the patient and the medical nurse (doctor) are connected to the Any Desk software;
  • For the treatment procedure, you should have a camera, a microphone, and working speakers, through which the nurse (doctor) monitors the treatment;
  • The monitor should be located at a distance of 33 cm, opposite the patient's eyes;
  • The room should have good lighting;
  • Due to possible glare on the screen, the monitor should not be placed in front of a window or other daylight sources;
  • The screen brightness should be in an auto mode or in a 50% mode;


For the remote treatment of myopia, a Kit of Medical Lenses will be sent to your address. The deposit cost of the Kit is 7,200 rubles. At the end of the treatment, the Kit should be sent to the Yasny Vzor eye clinics to return the full deposit amount. The availability of uninterrupted and stable Internet.

For the remote treatment of strabismus, it is required to purchase 3D glasses. The cost of glasses in the Yasny Vzor children's eye clinics is 1,550 rubles.

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