Contact lenses for vision correction

Контактная коррекция зрения. Линзы.
Контактная коррекция зрения. Линзы.
Contact lenses are absolutely safe if they are properly matched and simple rules are observed.

Advantages of contact lenses

Контактная коррекция зрения
  • Lenses provide for a wider view;
  • Lenses can be prescribed for regular and occasional use;
  • Lenses are convenient for sports or recreational activities;
  • Lenses are not visible to others and cause no psychological discomfort.


Contact lenses can be normally prescribed to adults and children from 7 years of age.

Contact lenses can be part of treatment in case of myopia and high level hypermetropia, anisometropia, astigmatism combined with amblyopia. Unlike the visual correction with glasses contact lenses don’t cause optical distortions on retina which makes treatment of amblyopia more effective. Contact lenses for vision correction can be used by children in the age of 3-4 years and even earlier in individual cases.

We can select contact lenses of any complexity: from standard ones to the individually tailored solutions.

Video about the contact lens vision correction

Let us speak about one of the ways to improve your vision: what is the use of wearing contact lenses if you are over 40 years old? Practically every one of us in this age has certain eye issues. There are special live lenses in our eyes – eye lenses that change their curvature by means of special muscles. Density of an eye-lens changes with time due to certain degenerative processes and influence of free radicals. Therefore the eye-lens becomes more coarse and its muscles fail to alternate its curvature.

Contact lens as occluder

If a continuous occlusion is necessary and adhesive occluder causes psychological discomfort we can suggest you occluding contact lens that reduces vision on the eye that sees better.

How do I choose contact lenses? General rules.

Selection of contact lenses in Yasny Vzor pediatric eye clinics is made only after full ophthalmic examination with a detailed examination of optical media and eye fundus along with examination of lacrimal apparatus. If there are no counterindications the doctor selects contact lenses. During the appointment at our pediatric ophthalmologists – specialists in contact lens vision correction – patients are shown how to put the lenses on and off; the child makes every step and tries everything under the doctor’s surveillance. Of course, the doctor corrects all mistakes. As a rule the personal routine of handling the lenses will be established after 5-7 days of exercise. You can also order contact lenses during the appointment in our clinics.

You need to remove contact lenses 24 hours before the ophthalmic examination (visual acuity test)!

Myths about contact lenses for children

Myth No. 1. It is impossible to put contact lenses in the children’s eyes
Truth: During the appointment our pediatric ophthalmologists demonstrate how to put the lenses on and off, let the child make every step, try everything under the doctor’s surveillance and correct all mistakes. As a rule the personal routine of handling the lenses will be established after 5-7 days of exercise.

Myth No. 2. Contact lenses are harmful: they can lead to eye inflammation or dry eye
Truth: It is a proven fact that infection complications in contact lens vision correction only take place due to their incorrect use: handling lenses with dirty hands, use of contact lenses during acute respiratory viral infections, use of contact lenses or cleaning solutions after the date of their expiry. Contact your ophthalmologist to get the detailed information during the selection of the vision correction. Special test on lacrymal productivity is made during the selection of lenses to prevent the dry eye. After the results of such test are ready the correct choice of lenses can be made. If necessary, the doctor can prescribe special drops.

Myth No. 3. It is hard to look after contact lenses
Truth: It is elementary to look after the lenses. It is better to choose simple one-day contact lenses for children. This solution demands for no additional care: just apply your lenses in the morning and throw them away in the evening and take a new pair on the next day. Shall you choose a more prolonged type of lenses - just put them every night into a special solution.