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Classes with the visual impairment specialist

According to statistics, there are 200 thousand children and teenagers with visual disabilities in Russia. About 15% of them are completely blind. They need the help of a visual impairment specialist.

What visual impairment specialist makes for the child:

  • it helps to master the curriculum of schools and kindergartens,
  • it works with home-schooled children,
  • it shows how to learn independently, orient in space, and play,
  • it teaches to get information about the surrounding space using hearing, smell, and touch,
  • it teaches the correct use of impaired vision.
  • According to research by leading ophthalmologists and visual impairment specialists, a unified process of training, corrective work, and treatment significantly improves the child's condition and accelerates recovery.

Visual impairment, with which the visual impairment specialist will help you:

  • all types of strabismus,
  • nystagmus (eye twitching),
  • nearsightedness or farsightedness,
  • astigmatism,
  • aphakia (absence of the lens) and retinal dystrophy,
  • optic atrophy,
  • amblyopia,
  • consequences of albinism (absence of eye pigmentation).

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