About the clinics

Address of the founder of chain of Yasny Vzor pediatric eye clinics

Игорь Эрикович Азнаурян

Igor Erikovich Aznauryan

  • pediatric ophthalmic surgeon,
  • pediatric ophthalmologist,
  • MD,
  • Member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation,
  • Founder and Head of the Russian chain of Yasny Vzor pediatric eye clinics.

Yasny Vzor is not just a pediatric eye clinic. Yasny Vzor is a philosophy, a way of life; it combines hard and precise work – the work of children, their parents and our specialists.

We are not magicians and we don’t solve problems with a magic wand. One cannot treat children’s eye pathology in a very short time. It always takes time. But we always achieve the goals we set.

We never give up. There are no cases beyond recovery.

We use every, even the tiniest, chance to restore and preserve vision. We achieve results because we unite wishes of children and strife of their parents for health and support it by our knowledge, technologies and experience.

Yasny Vzor is a constantly evolving world. We are equipped with high-end facilities. We develop our own methods and create innovative technologies. We embrace the whole world.

We share our experience with the leading pediatric eye clinical associations and bring in the best international developments into our activities.

We open new clinics to be closer and more available to our young patients.

Welcome to our world – the World of Yasny Vzor!


Yasny Vzor is the only specialized network of pediatric eye clinics for children and adolescents of 0 to 18 years in Russia.

Today the network of Yasny Vzor consists of nine out-patient departments in Moscow and Kaliningrad and specialized children’s ophthalmology in-patient surgical facility, thus being the biggest pediatric eye care system in Russia with more than 150 staff members and own research and training center.

Our innovations


We come up with highly sustainable results in treatment because of our own unique developments in diagnostics, treatment and surgery, such as:

  • diagnostics of the meridional form of amblyopia;
  • differential diagnostics of vision impairment;
  • low-trauma high-frequency eye surgery based on the principles of mathematical modeling;
  • unique methods of surgical treatment of concomitant strabismus with small and inconsistent angle, paralytic strabismus and nystagm;
  • BOC-1 – high-end system for visual function recovery of children and adolescents with optical and oculomotoric diseases and visual perception disorders.

Our developments

  • We developed and introduced our own standards for diagnostics and treatment and came up with the innovative therapeutic and surgical technologies corresponding and in some cases even excelling international standards.
  • We developed and introduced into our clinical routine new ways to diagnose the functional state of vision system and its defects on the basis of neurophysiological analysis of responses of material substrate of the cerebral optic cortex.
  • We could define the regularities in the refraction processes in children with optical abnormalities.
  • We developed and introduced the low-traumatic surgery technology for oculomotoric muscles that reduces period of post-operative recovery five-fold and levels the coalescent adhesive post-operative process.
  • We developed the system of mathematical modeling of the operation’s result for strabismus.
  • We developed and introduced three-phase system of surgical correction of nystagm.
  • We developed and introduced in our routine a new effective meridional amblyopia treatment system aimed at children and adolescents allowing full-scale recovery for patients with high grades of astigmatism (which was previously considered as hardly probable).

Our achievements

  • We are the first clinics in Russia to introduce the standards of DNA analysis into the clinical routine for congenital eye diseases in children and organize a DNA-center at our clinics. It is the only DNA-center at ophtalmological clinic in Russia that is actively engaged in collaboration with partner centers and laboratories in the USA and Europe.
  • We became part of the system of obligatory health insurance and we work in the system for more than four years.
  • We realized the principle of territorial proximity and accessibility of the effective modern high-technology medical assistance and comfort level of servicing and case management.
  • Our organization is one of 16 organizations from 14 countries of the world that was invited to be participant at the International Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Council (IPOSC). This is the one and only global structure that defines vectors of the development and research in the field of pediatric ophthalmology and strabismology.
  • We conducted works on facilitation and participation at the broad international cooperation with different countries in the frames of staff and technological exchange programs.
  • We receive the floor at all established ophtalmologic associations and structures from Asia to America.

Yasny Vzor pediatric eye clinics provide full range of diagnostics and treatment of any pediatric eye problems.

Our specialists developed their own high standards for diagnostics and treatment of children’s eye diseases allowing correct diagnosis and precise definition of treatment tactics for every patient in the defined time frame.

Recuperation statistics at Yasny Vzor pediatric eye clinics

Knowledge, technologies and experience allow us to reach high recuperation results of our patients:

Full rehabilitation in 98% of strabismus cases including the patients with inconsistent and small angles.

Release from the dependence on glasses in 85% of cases for children with hypermetropia.

We sustain a rate of 80% cases with achievement of high vision acuity and getting rid of glasses correction for various types of astigmatism.

Full rehabilitation from amblyopia in 99% of cases.

Stabilization of the progression of myopia in 82% of cases.

We can fully compensate the nystagm at direct line of sight in 78% of cases.

In all other cases we achieve a significant improvement of visual functions and sustainable treatment results.

Our treatment results are well above the average in Russia and correspond with the international standards.

We develop own methods and create innovative technologies. We act proactive and share our experience with the leading pediatric eye clinical associations while bringing in the best international developments into our activities.

The level of diagnostics used in our clinics provides a warranty of exclusion of any mistakes from diagnosis and detection of hidden pathologies, which is often not possible during a routine appointment at the ophthalmologist.

To make our services more affordable we became part of the system of obligatory medical insurance and offer flexible pricing policy to our patients:

cumulative discounts,
payment for treatment by installments etc.

Every patient is individually treated in our clinic: we don’t provide our patients with unconcerned hardware-based treatment. We apply the most effective treatment methods under control of checkups making any complications impossible. This issue is under survey of a supervising doctor.

Treatment takes time, so for the best convenience and entertainment of our young patients we introduced to the principle of territorial proximity and accessibility. This means that it is you who can choose the nearest clinic for a proper treatment. And our client service department will always help you to get the convenient appointment and remind you of the next visit.

It is a well-known fact that eye diseases can be congenital. We are also successful in treatment of adults. And don’t forget to visit us together with your grandparents: Yasny Vzor is helpful for everyone!

We work even with the hardest cases and use any (even the tiniest) chance to restore and preserve the vision of our patients.

Our merits

Yasny Vzor pediatric eye clinic is a member society of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation, the merits of the staff are honored by the certificates of the Consumers Unions of Russia.

The developments and reports of the specialists of Yasny Vzor eye clinics are constantly present on the leading world forums and acknowledged on the level of many countries.

2009 one of our works has been awarded as the best work of the Pediatric Ophthalomology International Forum.

Specialists of Yasny Vzor pediatric ophthalmologic clinics are the only representatives of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS) in Russia, of the European Paediatric Ophtalmologic Society (EPOS), European Strabismology Association (ESA) and introduce the newest pediatric eye treatment technologies used in the international practice.

Starting from 2014 our organization became member of the International Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Council (IPOSC) uniting the leading pediatric ophthalmologists from 14 leading countries of the world.

The participation of our organization at the IPOSC is the highest acknowledgment of our activities from the international professional community of pediatric ophthalmologists.

The technology of high-frequency low-traumatic radio wave surgery presented by our organization at the AAPOS International congress in Kyoto, Japan, sparked the interest of our foreign colleagues.

Yasny Vzor International accreditation center for ophthalmologists and refractionists is established in 2016.

Best regards, the team of Yasny Vzor pediatric eye clinics