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Corneal topography

Corneal topography
Corneal topography

Corneal topography is a no-touch diagnostic procedure for assessing the condition of the cornea of the eye, performed by means of a thorough laser scanning. It is used to determine the characteristics of the cornea and refractive parameters (assessment of astigmatism), it gives an idea of the uniformity or unevenness of the cornea, which allows excluding or confirming the certain diagnoses (for example, changes in the surface of the cornea that are associated with the wearing of contact lenses, dystrophy, epitheliopathy, etc.).

Corneal topography is the only possible way to identify a dangerous disease, keratoconus, at an early stage. For patients who are planning laser vision correction, it is especially important to exclude the presence of keratoconus and other hidden eye pathologies that may affect the result of the operation.

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