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Stereo vision examination

Stereo vision examination
Stereo vision examination

Diagnostics of the stereo vision is performed using 2 specially designed tests: FLY stereo test and TNO test. These tests use images in special glasses to check whether the child has a stereoscopic vision. The FLY test is designed for the youngest patients, taking into account the ability to establish contact with the child using images. A child with glasses is shown a fly and asked to grasp its wing (which, if there is the stereo vision, will be three-dimensional, as if alive, like in 3D cartoons).

 The TNO test is a more complex one, it consists of several tablets with "hidden" colored figures that may only be recognized by a person with the three-dimensional vision when two eyes are able to combine two different images into the whole one.

 Disorders of the stereo vision occur in a number of conditions of the visual pathways or oculomotor system, particularly: strabismus, amblyopia, anisometropia, or astigmatism. In this regard, it is very important to conduct a specific diagnostics to identify these disorders to carry out medical procedures.

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