Laser vision correction

Dear friends, we are happy to greet you on the page of LaserCorr Specialized department for laser vision correction!

Do you want to get rid of glasses or lenses, but are afraid of it or want to go on the planned vacation, have too much to do at work or do sports? Or – even better – perhaps you are ready to improve your vision but still searching for the ones to whom you could trust the most precious thing – your health.

We understand that this is a complex and responsible choice. We suggest you to find out more about the advantages of our clinics and see that our prizes are on the average level in Moscow, although we have a high level of qualification of our surgeons and apply unique technologies in our clinics.

Our yesterday’s patients, be it children or adults, are already enjoying their favorite sports activities, go for diving, dare to be Olympic champions or simply enjoy the new quality of life. They already live in the world full of colors.

Advantages of the LaserCorr Specialized department for laser vision correction

LaserCorr #1
Услуги. Плюсы лазерной коррекции зрения в LaserCorr.
The most precise, universal and rapid laser MEL90 from Zeiss, Germany
  • Allows to significantly reduce the time of intervention into the cornea.
  • Allows to correct consequences of low-quality operations made with the use of other types of lasers.
  • Supports performance of operations in medication sleep with use of diagnostic results.
  • Can make even the finest slice.
  • The apparatus is used for treatment of the following diseases: hypermetropia of more than 2,0 D, accommodative strabismus, partly accommodative strabismus, mixed astigmatism, hypermetropic astigmatism, myopia, anisometropia of more than 2,0 D, pediatric laser vision correction.
LaserCorr #2
Услуги. Плюсы лазерной коррекции зрения в LaserCorr.
Laser vision correction in medication sleep - for the first time in Russia
  • Short medication induced sleep secures psychological tranquility of the patient and provides for physical comfort. The patient doesn’t feel anything during the laser correction. Such things as anxiety, negative emotions and stress are excluded. Already after 15 minutes after the operation the patient is awake in the hospital room and can be released from stationery department in 3-4 hours.
  • We’ve introduced medication sleep during the laser vision correction for the purposes of pediatric operations, but it turned out that adult patients are also eager to receive treatment during the medication sleep.
LaserCorr #3
Услуги. Плюсы лазерной коррекции зрения в LaserCorr.
The best surgical department – five star quality
  • We created the maximum comfortable conditions for our patients.
  • Our patients don’t sit in the hallways with their eyes instilled; they spent time before operation with their relatives in a calming atmosphere of gorgeous rooms and recreation zones on the territory of the surgical department certified according to the European standards.
LaserCorr #4
Услуги. Плюсы лазерной коррекции зрения в LaserCorr.
Highly skilled refractive surgeons and ophthalmologists
  • The most experienced surgeons work at LaserCorr. Our specialists were trained in Germany and are the first certified professionals to work with MEL90 high-end laser in Russia.
LaserCorr #5
Услуги. Плюсы лазерной коррекции зрения в LaserCorr.
Laser correction in the age under 18 years
  • Performing the laser vision correction operations we are capable to delete the cosmetics defect but also render treatment of serious abnormalities in refraction. Laser correction could also be a step in treatment of many of our patients suffering from severe eye pathologies, such as strabismus.
  • If thee is a medical reason, we perform laser vision correction at children. This is our specialization. We are capable to perform such operations because our technical equipment is at the cutting edge and our specialists are the leading professionals and pioneers in pediatric ophthalmic surgery.

What would many of us think if they hear about pediatric laser vision correction for the first time? The reaction would probably be: “How? Isn’t this procedure for patients over 18 years of age?” In fact the world history of refraction surgery dates back more than tens of years. The first pediatric refractive operations took place under the supervision of Dr Igor Aznauryan – Head of Yasny Vzor pediatric eye clinics - already in 2000.

When should we conduct laser correction in children? The thing is that in case of hypermetropia or astigmatism the child’s eye-ball will be finally shaped to the age of 5-6 years. Correspondingly, if there are no counterindications and if the refraction is stable for a long period, in cases with such pathologies as hypermetropia and astigmatism, refractive operation is possible in the age of 10 years. It allows getting rid of the glasses during the school period.

Further protraction of eye-ball in case of hypermetropia after the age of 5-6 years is considered to be pathological and leads to progressive myopia that can last even after the age of 18 years. Still this disease can be stabilized even at the earlier age, if the patients having myopia get correct treatment. This is why we developed a rational tactics for follow-up of the patients having hypermetropia, assuming its early stabilization. After the stabilization is achieved the patients are observed for the next 2-3 years and if no progression of the disease is registered we suggest laser correction of hypermetropia.

Refractive surgery is also actively used in pediatric cases in the whole world if there is a significant difference between the optical strength of right and left eye, when there is congenital myopia or hyperopia of high level. It is also a significant criterion of choice in case of a child’s intolerance to glasses or contact lenses and in case of gross changes of facial skeleton, which also doesn’t provide for the use of correction with glasses.

Actual cost of laser eye surgery

ProcedureFor children without medication sleep For children with medication sleep For adults without medication sleep For adults with medication sleep
Diagnostics before laser vision correction6 0006 0006 0006 000
Medical advice by the Deputy Head Balasanyan V.O. Ба­ласа­нян В.О.Free of chargeFree of chargeFree of chargeFree of charge
Medical advice by the Director of the clinics Aznauryan I.E.11 20011 20011 20011 200
1st category of difficulty
  • laser vision correction with myopia without astgmatism,
  • laser vision correction with hyperopia without astigmatism.
43 75057 75025 00046 200
2nd category of difficulty
  • laser vision correction with myopia with simple astgmatism,
  • laser vision correction with hyperopia with simple astigmatism.
48 75063 25029 00050 600
3rd category of difficulty
  • laser vision correction with myopia with complex astgmatism,
  • laser vision correction with hyperopia with complex astigmatism.
56 25071 50035 00057 200
4th category of difficulty
  • laser vision correction with myopia with mixed astgmatism.
61 25077 00039 00061 600
Phototherapeutic keratectomy (PTK)101 063127 05064 350101 640
Fine tuning of the refractive effect after the previous operation at LaserCorr33 00040 00024 50040 000
Customized laser vision correction10 00010 00010 00010 000
Tomographic laser eye surgery30 00030 00030 00030 000
  1. All prices are given for one operation on one eye, providing that the operations will be done on both eyes.
  2. Surcharge rate of 1.7 applies to the operations performe­d by Igor Aznauryan, MD.
  3. Surcharge rate of 1.2 is applies to the operations performed by Viktoriya Balasanyan, Ph.D in Medicine.