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Laser correction for children

Laser vision correction for children in our specialized Department of Lasercorr is the final stage of complete rehabilitation of the child.

There is a common opinion that laser vision correction can not be performed in children under 18 years of age. Actually, 18 years is only a conditional age, which is appealed to for the indication of, on the one hand, the coming-of-age of a child, and on the other hand, the slowing or stabilization of myopia, which emerges at this age in many, but not in all, children.

We have developed a methodology that allows correcting vision with a laser in the case of complex eye pathologies. Such as strabismus, amblyopia, anisometropia, or clouding of the anterior layers of the cornea.

In all these cases, laser correction is therapeutic in nature, and sometimes it is the only ultimate method of radical effective treatment.

Moreover, by helping the child to get rid of glasses in time, we open up wide opportunities for a full-fledged child's life, in which it may play sports, run, or dive without looking back at wearing glasses.

Both of these circumstances, i.e. the medical necessity for a number of diseases and the possibility of psychological liberation for children living in a modern multidimensional world with a large number of possible interests, make laser vision correction a popular treatment method.

Our leader, M.D., Professor, Member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, Pediatric Eye Surgeon, Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Founder and Head of the Yasniy Vzor children's clinics in Russia Igor Aznauryan first conducted laser correction in a child 19 years ago and since then we have successfully delivered children from glasses and contact lenses.

During this period, we were joined by colleagues from abroad, and today laser correction for children is carried out in Canada, Argentina, America, the Czech Republic, Spain, and other countries.

Indications for laser correction in children

  • farsightedness and astigmatism. Farsightedness up to +6 diopters, astigmatism up to -/+6.0 diopters. With farsightedness or astigmatism, the child's eye completes its full growth by 5-6 years and its eye structures are fully formed already by 9-10 years. That is why a child with farsightedness or astigmatism may undergo refractive surgery at the age of 9-10 and get rid of glasses at school age.
  • laser correction in children with anisometropia and glasses intolerance. Refractive surgery is widely used in children with anisometropia all over the world when there is a large difference between the optical strength of the right and left eyes when one of the eyes has severe congenital myopia or farsightedness. Refractive surgery, or laser correction, is certainly indicated when a child is intolerant of glasses or contact lenses, as well as when there are gross changes in the facial skeleton that do not allow wearing glasses.
  • accommodative strabismus.

We perform operations on the most high-precision, versatile, and fast laser of the latest generation, which provides an individualized method of laser correction.

Laser correction for children is performed in the best specialized hospital under conditions of a drug-induced sleep. The parents are in the room with the child.

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