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Nystagmus surgery

Treatment of nystagmus

Oculomotor disorders, such as nystagmus, are a very complex disease that has recently been treated in Russia. And has been treated quite successfully. The only way to help is to perform an operation on the oculomotor muscles; this very operation starts the treatment; the operation allows blocking movement in the case of nystagmus with a straight position of the eye.

In Russia, the surgical treatment of nystagmus is performed by Igor Aznauryan, M.D., Professor, Member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation, Head of the Yasny Vzor clinic.

It was he who developed and put into practice the tactics of high-tech radio-wave surgery using the principles of mathematical modeling for oculomotor disorders.

Diagnosis of nystagmus

The precision of the operation is provided not only by the mathematical calculation of the operation itself. This calculation is preceded by a precise diagnosis.
Nowadays, the arsenal of our ophthalmologists-surgeons contains a very necessary device for planning the tactics of nystagmus surgery, Gazelab nystagmograph, the only device in the territory of Russia and CIS countries to examine patients with nystagmus.

Thanks to the device, we can determine the frequency and amplitude of the nystagmus and the position of the eyes, at which the nystagmus becomes smaller.

Surgery of nystagmus

In 78% of cases, we can completely compensate for nystagmus with a straight direction of the eye and a significant improvement in the state of visual functions, as well as a stable result of treatment. At the same time, "knifeless" technologies are used to minimize the eye tissue trauma with the preservation of blood vessels and nerve elements.

We have developed a highly effective method of operations for various types of nystagmus, due to which we can completely block or significantly reduce the frequency of oscillatory eye movements in the straight position of the eye and significantly increase visual functions. These results are our pride; it is a huge step forward! To date, this is the only way to help patients with nystagmus effectively. Nystagmus surgeries performed by our eye surgeons are unique. The high-tech method of radio-wave surgery developed by us in combination with mathematical modeling allows:

  • avoiding the use of traditional scissors and scalpels during the operation, which are used in the usual common methods of surgery today;
  • ensuring the highest precision of the operation through the use of mathematical modeling of the operation created by the M.D., Professor, Member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation, Head of the Yasny Vzor clinic I. Aznauryan, STRABO; and
  • reducing the rehabilitation period by 5-6 times; the patient is discharged from the hospital the next day after the operation.

Operations of nystagmus are absolutely safe and very effective; their effectiveness has been proven over time. We apply 4 types of operations depending on the type of nystagmus. Surgery of nystagmus is one of the stages of complex treatment of nystagmus. But not the only one.

To achieve a stable result and to recover visual functions, the following is required:

  • application of a comprehensive approach that combines surgery and therapeutic treatment of nystagmus to recover visual functions and binocular stereoscopic vision;
  • timely treatment, from the very diagnosis.

Severe cases of astigmatism, hypermetropia (farsightedness), and myopia in patients with nystagmus can be corrected using excimer laser correction to finally avoid optical correction, which is often either impossible in patients with ocular torticollis, as in the case of correction using glasses, or potentially inconvenient or dangerous, as in the case of contact lenses.

Until now, the presence of pathological nystagmus was a contraindication to refractive surgery due to the difficulty in centering the eye during the procedure.

However, the LaserCorr center for laser correction in Moscow has developed and implemented the possibility of performing surgery in patients with nystagmus in a drug-induced sleep, during which any oscillatory movements stop. Due to the eye-tracker technology in the laser and the customization function (the ability to perform the operation precisely and individually according to the parameters of the patient's cornea), laser correction is possible in the conditions of a drug-induced sleep. In this case, the patient does not need to subjectively track the fixation point in the laser, as required by the usual laser correction.

78% of children, if treated timely and undergone the entire complex of surgical, optical, physiotherapy, and medication treatment, is possible to improve visual their functions to the level required for full social adaptation and attendance at a regular comprehensive school.