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Dry eye syndrome

Circulatory laser stimulation of lacrimal glands of the eye-ball

Nowadays we are too often at the computer, phone or tablet – it leads to a very rare winking. If this is the case the tear film that covers the whole eye-ball can be torn. This leads to the feeling of sand in the eyes, to their dryness, discomfort and sometimes even to itching and burning. Also too long wearing of contact lenses can lead to the dry eye syndrome. Because of the uninterrupted contact with cornea contact lens interrupts the structure of tear film and provides for a good deal of discomfort of patients who wear contact lenses for years. One more reason for dry eye syndrome can be the age of patients: operating capacity of lacrimal ducts decreases in elder years which leads to insufficient excretion of lacrimal fluid.

Treatment in case of dry eye syndrome

Symptomatic therapy in case of dry eye syndrome consists of instillation of tear substitutes – drops that are similar to tears and replace the real tears. Such substitutes have to be used constantly.

A brilliant alternative to the common treatment could be physio-therapeutic approach such as circulatory laser stimulation of lacrimal ducts. This is a painless procedure that takes relatively small amount of time and allows restoration of the interrupted tear film in 10 days. It restores its correct composition and initializes restart of the work of tear glands. The procedure takes about three minutes for each eye. A special test for measurement of the production of tears is used during the therapy. After the treatment course of 10 days the doctor will notify you of the methods to adhere to prevent the dry eye syndrome.


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