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STRABO - simulation of strabismus surgery



Mathematical modeling of strabismus surgery is one of the modern developments required for performing strabismus surgery.

Why is this an important and required step in the treatment of the disease in children?

The main task of modern ophthalmology is to bring technologies for treating various eye diseases of children to the perfect.

The effectiveness of individual mathematical modeling of strabismus surgery in comparison with other methods is 98%!

The technology is called STRABO (mathematical modeling system) and allows calculating the precision of the operation to a tenth of a millimeter, taking into account the individual anatomy of your child's eyes (the length of the front axis of the eye, the distance between the pupils, the angle of strabismus, and the value of farsightedness). For example, the amount of rotation of the eyeball is calculated so that the symmetry of the visual axes is achieved.

The system simulates the course of the operation completely and it is even possible to show parents the planned result of the operation before it is performed.

Individual mathematical modeling helps reduce the number of planned stages of surgery.


Today, the latest, safest, and most precise developments are used for the treatment of nystagmus, mathematical modeling (STRABO) and high-frequency radio-wave surgery.

They help to cure various types of nystagmus by reducing the frequency of oscillatory movements in the straight position of the eye. Thanks to these developments, large scalpels and scissors are not used during the operation; the rehabilitation period is reduced; and mathematical modeling gives the highest precision of calculations. In order to reduce the frequency of eye vibrations and correct the unnatural position of the head, as well as to recover the visual functions of diseased eyes, a variety of unique operations are performed using new methods, the choice of which is determined by the type and cause of nystagmus in a particular patient.

In 75% of cases, we are able to block nystagmus after a single operation.

The purpose of surgical intervention in the case of nystagmus is to block oscillatory eye movements in a straight position of the eye. But it is important to keep the entire scope of movements of the eyeball in different directions.

What was the reason for creating such a program?

Given the complexity of the predicted result in oculomotor muscle surgery to correct strabismus, we have developed a unique treatment method that has proved to be in demand even abroad. This is the STRABO mathematical modeling program for calculating strabismus surgery. The model allows calculating each stage of the operation individually and recovering the symmetrical position of the eyes.

Inaccuracy in strabismus surgery may lead to incomplete correction of the angle of strabismus and sometimes, to a hypereffect (secondary reverse strabismus).

Conventional methods of surgery have a large percentage of approximation, cause a number of postoperative complications, and give a not quite symmetrical position of the eyes.

Unfortunately, such an inaccurate calculation entails not just a cosmetic problem but difficulties with the recovery of the three-dimensional vision.

The advantages of surgical treatment using the STRABO care system method

Common technology

Innovative STRABO care system technology

Preoperative examination and diagnostics

Only individual parameters of the strabismus angle are taken into account.
Individual parameters of the strabismus angle are taken into account using Gazelab, as well as the structure of the eyeball and muscles. We use the mathematical model for calculating the operation, STRABO soft, which allows showing the planned result to parents before the operation.


The data on the dosage of the operation scope, which may be changed at the discretion of each doctor based on its experience, is given.
STRABO soft provides individual dosing data for the operation scope by calculating each stage.


Recovery after surgery takes place within a month.
Minimizing tissue trauma rate and significantly reducing recovery time after surgery.


Under-correction (incomplete correction of the angle of strabismus) and hypercorrection (secondary reverse divergent strabismus).
The predicted result is that the use of STRABO soft allows achieving high precision, up to 5 degrees, which is the highest precision indicator in the world today.

Surgeons using the STRABO simulation program

Игорь Эрикович Азнаурян

Igor Erikovich Aznauryan

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Medico-Technical Sciences, Pediatric Surgeon, Pediatric Ophthalmologist, founder and Head of Yasniy Vzor Children's Eye Clinics in Russia.

Баласанян Виктория Олеговна

Viktoriya Olegovna Balasanyan

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Deputy Head of Scientific and Clinical Affairs of Yasniy Vzor Children's Eye Clinics, Head of the Surgical Department.

Узуев Магомед Исаевич

Magomed Uzuyev

Chief Doctor at Yasniy Vzor Children's Eye Clinics on Sokol, in Solntsevo, in Butovo, and in Kaliningrad

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