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Innovative surgery

We have developed a technology for low-trauma high-frequency radio-wave eye surgery and mathematical modeling of strabismus and nystagmus correction surgery.

Today, this is the only effective and most precise technology for the surgical treatment of strabismus and nystagmus.

Our technology allows:

  • minimizing the trauma rate of the operation as much as possible;
  • avoiding the use of scissors and scalpels during the operation, which are used in the usual common methods of surgery today;
  • common methods of surgery today;
  • ensuring the highest precision of the operation;
  • reducing the rehabilitation period by 5-6 times; the patient is discharged from the hospital the next day after the operation;
Реакция глаза на нашу технологию операций
The reaction of the eye to our surgery technology
Реакция глаза на обычную операцию
The reaction of the eye to conventional surgery

STRABO© mathematical modeling system for surgery

До операции
Before surgery
После операции
After surgery

STRABO mathematical modeling system with the use of low-trauma radio-wave surgery was developed by surgeons of Yasny Vzor children's eye clinics under the guidance of PhD., Professor, Member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation Igor Aznauryan.

Today. this is the only model that allows calculating the precision of the operation to a tenth of a millimeter, taking into account the individual parameters of the structure of the visual organ of a particular child.

We can show the planned result of the operation to parents even before it is performed by simulating the outcome of the operation in our computer mathematical model.

Igor Aznauryan, M.D., Professor, Member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation, is the author of the mathematical modeling system..

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